🍿 Bring More Excitement And Engagement To Your Next Meeting 🍿

engage employees with bulk popcorn, popcorn favors or popcorn tins and increase engagement and productivity



Are your business meetings boring? Are your attendees less enthused every week. Do they walk in excited or with dread?  A good portion of your work life will be spent in meetings. And honestly, we should make them as enjoyable as possible. Introducing snacks that are unique, satisfying and irresistible sets the stage for a more relaxed atmosphere, invites alternate conversation for a laid-back agenda and provides a better chance of employees showing up and showing up excited. 

Snacks not only keep people showing up it's actually been proven they can increase employee engagement, create a atmosphere of excitement, joy and energy. These changes in employee emotions leads to better ideas, collaboration and engaging, transformative conversation. And that's what we want right? To leave the meeting with ideas, necessary tasks and a way to move forward.

Not all snacks are created equal, though: What’s easy to grab at Sam’s Club (think: Doritos, sugary granola bars, candy) may not be the right choice for your meetingOver time, it's easy for a workplace to fall into a routine. The next time your meeting is scheduled, surprise employees with a special, unique treat like our Gourmet Popcorn. And don't overthink it! Buy our bulk gourmet popcorn online and create a simple popcorn bar with a  bin, some bowls and a scoop -1,2,3,done!

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Or, kick it up a notch and make it even more unique with our Kidd's Pop Shop favor bags

favor bags for individuals at employee meetings or customer events. gourmet popcorn snacks

Want to make it super simple? Order tins of popcorn. It's a ONE and Done approach. Bag ✔ Popcorn ✔ all you need is the meeting time and place. We have popcorn tins in many sizes and for many events. Pick up our Classic Black Label or a Specialized tin for holidays and occasions. An extra benefit is you can pop into any of our locations and refill it for 1/2 price. 

corporate events luxury popcorn in a large gourmet popcorn tin by Kidd's Pop Shop corporate holiday parties for employees and customerscongratualtions to employees, customers, company or events, babies

Not just snacks, but Good, Unique, Fun Snacks bring employees to your meeting or event faster, more energized and ready to collaborate. And that's what you not only want, but need. Try our award winning popcorn and we promise it will be just the thing you need to take your meeting to the next level!