🍿 March Madness Snacks By Round 🍿

March Madness Kidd's Pop Shop gourmet Popcorn Snacks

March Madness is right around the corner and with over three weeks of brackets and nail biting games you will need lots of snacks to power through. To celebrate we picked our top Gourmet Popcorn Flavors for every round of. And to be honest, we think these flavors are a slam dunk!

First Round March 17-18. It's time to break out your bracket and research the best team pairing strategy. With a little luck you might just find you have enough wins to get you to the next round. It's a long game at this point and we have a popcorn that is crowd pleasing and has lasting power. Our Cheddar and Cheddar is light, airy and crunchy. It's perfect when you need to get through watching 64 teams play their most important game of the year.                

Kidd's Pop Shop Cheddar and Cheddar Popcorn For March Madness Snacks

Second Round, March 19-20. Teams left: 32; Games to watch: 16. This round deserves a robust popcorn snack to wake up your senses. Your bracket may be suffering but you're a long way from the final four. Our Hot & Spicy Popcorn is savory, flavorful and seasoned perfectly.

March Madness Snack Hot & Spicy Gourmet Popcorn

Sweet 16, March 24-25. 16 Teams, 8 games. For this round you'll need a snack that's savory and salty. Sweet if you've made it this far, salty for those who already feel defeat. Our Batter Up Popcorn combines the sweetness of caramel corn with salty, roasted peanuts to create a flavor combination that (almost) everyone loves. Happy or sad, you'll still enjoy this snack.

Caramel Corn and Salty Peanuts for March Madness Snacks sweet 16

Elite 8, March 26-27, 4 games. The pressure is on for the teams, your bracket...the snacks. And we have just the popcorn our Cinnamon and Caramel (RedHawks Mix). It's spicy, sweet and keeps you coming back for more.

RedHots Cinnamon and The Best Caramel Gourmet Popcorn for March Madness Snacks

Final Four - 2 games April 2. We know not all watch March Madness from day one. Some people (a lot) are just now tuning in. You never made a bracket, you don't know the teams. You're here for the game, the friends, the drinks and of course, the snacks. Insert our ultimate crowd pleaser C3. It's a perfect blend of White Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar and Caramel mixed together to create a salty, sweet snack bursting with flavor. Even if you don't like the game or teams playing you'll stick around for this snack.

Kidd's Pop Shop C3 March Madness Snacks

Championship April 4. You've arrived, they've arrived and we're all here ready for the main event. With an event as exciting and stressful as this you don't have time to worry about what to serve your guest. Insert our Buffalo Ranch Flavored Popcorn. It's spicy buffalo is perfectly paired with the creamy ranch creating a mouthwatering combination that keeps you reaching for more. Not everyone will be happy with the outcome of the game, but they will love this popcorn.

March Madness Buffalo Ranch Gourmet Popcorn

Pick up one of these flavors today. Whether your team is winning or losing your snacks are sure to be a hit!