Why do we eat popcorn at the Movies?

When you're looking for an irresistible snack nothing beats popcorn. Light, airy, chewy and salty, this snack has it all.  But, how did popcorn become so popular and why do we eat it at the movies.

Popcorn has a long history dating all the way back to a Bat Cave in West Central Mexico some four thousand years ago. But, it wasn't until the 20th century that it was associated with the movies. In fact, it was during the great depression that popcorn became a everyday snack for all people to buy easily, cheaply and on the go. 

By the mid 1800s, popcorn was already a popular snack food, sold at circuses, fairs and on the streets. There was one place it wasn’t sold at that time, though – in the cinema. In fact, cinema hadn’t even been invented, yet. 

The cinema was invented during the 1900's, but in the beginning, movies were silent and eating was not allowed in the theatre. Going to the cinema was considered a luxury to only the wealthy and those who could read. By 1927 the 'talkies' were developed and this technology opened the doors to all people and these new customers wanted to bring cheap snacks to the movies.

Popcorn at 5 or 10 cents a bag was one of the few luxuries down-and-out families could afford. Seeing an opportunity, industrious vendors set up popcorn poppers or rented storefront space next to theaters and sold popcorn to patrons on their way into the theater. Eventually, theater owners began installing popcorn poppers inside their theaters; those who refused to sell popcorn quickly went out of business.

Today, times have changed and more people watch movies from home than in the theatre. Our gourmet popcorn makes a great movie night snack. Try our Garlic Parmesan tin or our Traditional Mix popcorn tin filled with our three most popular flavors - Caramel, Cheese and White Cheddar popcorn.