Rainbow Confetti popcorn in many flavors and colors. Orange Popcorn, Grape Popcorn, Blue Raspberry Popcorn, Lemon Popcorn displayed in a clear cup
Rainbow popcorn in shippable 1 gallon white and black label signature Kidd's Pop Shop Popcorn Tin. Rainbow Corn Colors of Orange, Purple, Blue, Yellow and pink mixed together in a tin.
White and Black 2 gallon Gourmet Popcorn Tin in a Rainbow of Colors Perfect for Birthdays. Blue Raspberry, Pink Vanilla, Orange, Grape and Lemon flavors combine in medium tin.
Bright Rainbow Corn in flavors of Vanilla, Lemon, Blue Raspberry, Grape and Orange in a deliverable 3.5 gallon Popcorn Tin.
Confetti Popcorn

Confetti Popcorn

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Blow up the Balloons. Hang the decorations. Sprinkle the Confetti...popcorn, that is. Our rainbow confetti popcorn is not only colorful, it's flavorful too. It makes for the perfect popcorn tin to celebrate good times, come on!

Our popcorn is made fresh using the finest ingredients.

  • Real Butter
  • Real Sugar
  • Non-GMO Corn
  • Pure coconut oil